My life changing experience after visiting a Life Coach

I am not a person who likes to talk about myself, but I feel that by telling everybody how my life has changed after my visits to Mariaan Cronje, Life Couch, I might be able to help other people that have the same problems.

I felt very sorry for myself as according to myself, I have had quite a terrible life up till now. According to me all bad things just happens to me all the time etc., etc. So I had all this anger, self-pity, no self-confidence, fear, you name it and I had it. Then Mariaan asked me if I would not be interested in coming to see her as she is a Life Couch now. I thought this is just another lot of nonsense, but decided to go and see what it is all about.

The very first night she told me how your subconscious works and how the more you focus on something bad, the more likely it is to happen. So my very first “exercise” I set out for myself, was to let go of a specific fear that I have lived with for the last 25 years. After a few days I realised that by doing this, a lot has already changed for the better and I felt so much happier.

From there we tackled one thing after the next and my whole life seemed to change. One evening sitting outside by myself I realised that I feel like smiling all the time, that the one specific fear has left me and that wonderful things are starting to happen in my life. All of a sudden the branch, where I am the manager, started reaching targets that has never before been reached and one morning out of the blue I got a call from head office to let me know that management has decided that I will be getting a big raise as they feel that I deserve it after the branch has been doing so well.

All this might sound funny or strange, but I can promise you that after changing my mind-set and after I have stopped with all this self-pity and negativeness, I am a completely different person and my life has changed completely.

So all I can say is:

Thank you Mariaan and please everybody, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF !!!

Sanet du Toit