Life Coaching changed my leadership approach and style

I did not know what life coaching was all about and did not think that it would be something I would ever do. Mariaan saw that she could help me and I decided to try it.

What made it easier for me in the beginning was to see the passion Mariaan has for her work and the obvious care she has for her clients (Not making you feel uneasy at all or nervous). She really listens and she even tells you about her own experience throughout her course and what she overcome and how it felt.

She understood my needs and applied her coaching skills to keep me on track and focused on my goals. She helped me face realities head on with encouragement along the way, even if I did not realise before that it was something I was facing.

Coaching with Mariaan has made me see myself more objectively. I have changed my leadership approach and style to get the job done although it doesn’t come naturally (I use to believe that I am not good enough). Mariaan provided the tools I needed to understand how others perceive me. With this, I now adjust my actions and modify my behaviours for increasingly positive results. These essential lessons will stay with me as I continue to climb the leadership ladder. She also helped me with my personal life and to see that work is not your all and I have since started to make so many new true friendships because of me letting my walls down.

I would recommend Mariaan to anyone in a place of change, transition or someone wanting to grow and improve personally and professionally.

Mariaan will still achieve so much success with her clients and I do know that she will be the reason for those people to also see the light and be able to live a healthier and better life.

Yours Truly,

Barbara-Ann Sandiford