Get healed by the Spirit-Mind-Body connection

Even though we get diagnosed with diseases, we can’t afford to accept labels from anyone!

The moment you get labelled with a disease we form long term memory and the structure of the brain is changed, right down to the cellular, molecular and even the level of quantum physics.

What I’ve learned is that when we step out of our Perfect you, we will be in conflict and this will make us frustrated and unhappy, and even reduce our intelligence and potentially lead to ill-health, because everything that goes on in our thought life is converted into a physical reaction.

What we think affects us emotionally, intellectually and physically.

So how will we then get healed form any disease?

I’m living proof today, that you get healed from changing negative emotions, renewing your mind and changing your belief system.

As long term memory is fully established in our brains, our thoughts become automatized into habits. It is then that God’s word is firmly ‘implanted’ and can ‘fully save our souls’ (James 1:21) leading to godly behaviour (Matthew 7:20) and life giving words from our mouths (Matthew 12:34).
– (Dr Caroline Leaf)