About B-Stressfree

I am a Holistic Therapist & Life Coach, empowering independent professionals to move beyond their fears and limitations, helping them to gain more focus, clarity and greater life satisfaction.


Holistic Therapist & Life Coach

At B-Stressfree I specialise in stress-relief and emotional well-being. The modality will be customised to fit your special and specific need.

A full assessment will be done with your first appointment, whereafter you will already have more clarity and experience more calmness to make better decisions, knowing that you have a support system now and do not have to cope alone anymore.

Change comes from inside

Everyone has trapped emotions because everyone has had difficult experiences in life. Even a temporary struggle or a particularly bad day can produce a trapped emotion. The only way to know whether you have trapped emotions is to ask the subconscious mind – that is the part (largest) part of your brain that little consideration to the existence of is given. Your subconscious is also aware of exactly what your body needs to get well. To experience optimum emotional well-being and stress-relief it is important to get rid of those that influence you on a negative level.

To change everything, you dislike in yourself and your life, you must start with an understanding of your mind. Change always comes from inside. This is because your pain, suffering, rejection, negativity, desperate wants, or all the happiness you experience comes from the inside.

Our thoughts create the life we are experiencing, without even realizing it. We can make a choice to take control of our thinking. We also must include human emotion on the list of forces that shape us. Love, hate, fear, anger, and gratitude are just a few emotions that uniquely and powerfully impact life as much as anything else on the planet.

Your emotions are a product of your thoughts. If you still not believe in the body-mind connection, please study it – because you are going to become what you think. This does lead us to the conclusion that our beliefs significantly influence our behaviour, as well as the expectation of behaviour. We can almost always connect wrong behaviour to some type of wrong thinking.

At B-Stressfree I use different modalities to release trapped emotions in your body. This will be customised to your specific need.  If you need help, please make an appointment here.