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Modalities used by B-Stressfree

At B-Stressfree I use different modalities to release trapped emotions in your body. This will be customised to your specific need and may include sessions of:

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To change everything, you dislike in yourself and your life, you must start with an understanding of your mind. Change always comes from inside. This is because your pain, suffering, rejection, negativity, desperate wants, or all the happiness you experience comes from the inside. Our thoughts create the life we are experiencing, without even realizing it. We can make a choice to take control of our thinking. We also must include human emotion on the list of forces that shape us. Love, hate, fear, anger, and gratitude are just a few emotions that uniquely and powerfully impact life as much as anything else on the planet.

Your emotions are a product of your thoughts. If you still not believe in the body-mind connection, please study it – because you are going to become what you think. This does lead us to the conclusion that our beliefs significantly influence our behaviour, as well as the expectation of behaviour. We can almost always connect wrong behaviour to some type of wrong thinking.

Mind Spa (Treatment )

Practice mindfulness: Mindfulness is learning how to focus your attention and become more aware. You can feel the physical changes in your body that happen in response to your changing emotions. Understanding this mind-body connection is the first step in learning how to better manage your stress and how emotions affect your body. Mindfulness can also help you focus your mind on the immediate – a knowing or awareness of what I can do to bring my mind and body to a place of calmness. If you can figure out what helps you feel more calm and relaxed in that moment, you know you’ve figured out one of your stress triggers and what works to manage it.

Journalling for Stress-Relief Workshop

Journaling is the practice of writing down your thoughts and feelings so you can understand them more clearly. It is a method that encour­ages you to slow down, pay attention, and think about what is going on in your life – and your feelings and reactions to these happenings. Since journaling can reveal your innermost thoughts, it can reveal your emotional stress triggers. You can identify and then replace negative thoughts and feelings with behaviors that are more positive. Journaling is a healthy and positive way to face your emotions. When you confront your emotions, healing or change can begin.

When should I get help for my emotional stress?

If you have any of the symptoms of emotional stress described on this website and feel overwhelmed and like you can’t manage your emotions and stresses on your own, seek the help of a professional. Don’t stay “frozen” or feeling like you’re holding your breath waiting for your feelings to be over. If you are stuck in a rut and can’t get yourself out, seek professional help.

Counselors and therapists are trained professionals who can find ways to help you cope, reduce the effects of emotional stress, help you feel better and become more functional in your day-to-day activities.

Read more on the different symptoms to see if you are stressed, burnt-out or anxious and what it means.

About me

Hi, I'm Mariaan Cronje, Corporate Mental Health Counsellor – Coach – Facilitator

As a coach and counsellor, I do understand and know exactly what you are going through. My journey to healing started in 2015 when my health deteriorated in an awfully bad way. Fortunately, I got help from a doctor that believes in healing on more than a natural level. I know the health risks of trapped emotions and it was only by changing myself that I am today able to assist others. Do not allow stress and trapped emotions to play havoc with your health – use your healthy body-mind and spirit to fulfil your God-given purpose on earth.

At B-Stressfree I specialise in stress-relief and emotional well-being. The modality will be customised to fit your special and specific need. A full assessment will be done with your first appointment, whereafter you will already have more clarity and experience more calmness to make better decisions, knowing that you have a support system now and do not have to cope alone anymore.

Help is available – prevent burn-out, anxiety, depression, and serious psychological problems by booking an appointment here.


Featured Workshops

Enquire about one of my monthly Group Workshops. We are constantly adding new dates.

Monthly Stress Relief Workshop

Join us for this group workshop where we will learn different techniques to manage stress differently and more effectively.

Emotional Aromatherapy Workshop

We explore using different essential oils that have an effect on our emotional health and responses to stress. 


What my students say

I would recommend Mariaan to anyone in a place of change, transition or someone wanting to grow and improve personally and professionally.
Barbara-Ann Sandiford
I can promise you that after changing my mindset and after I stopped with all this self-pity and negativeness, I am a completely different person and my life has changed completely. Thank you Mariaan and please everybody, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF !!!
Sanet du Toit
Mariaan helped me to sort out through issues in my life. Holding on to the good things and letting go of stuff that drag you down and is actually not important. She is a wonderful coach, also sensitive and helpful. ​
Colette du Toit​